With unrivalled pricing for high quality print, we promise to deliver within your time and budget requirements. We are happy to offer a further 10% discount from the lowest price you can find for our price quotation to you. For standard printing of quantities below 100,000, lead time is 2 - 5 working days. To have a look at our printing facility and products, please click here.

Social Media Management

The world is getting more connected, your brand ambassadors are your fans & friends. A lack of social media presence results in weaker brand recall & an overall decrease in brand value & equity. With so many social media platforms burgeoning, we get you on the ones relevant to your business & provide round-the-clock public relations.

Customer Loyalty Programmes

Who are your customers? Customers have changing tastes & preferences in a dynamic trade environment where buying & selling is just a click away, on your computers. Mobility is a key influence in consumer purchasing patterns. We offer mobile solutions such as mobile phone applications (apps) on multiple platforms that keep them updated on your best offerings & reward them for buying from you again.

Event Organising

Events offer an experiential marketing platform where products and services are not just seen, but felt. There is no better touch pad than personal engagement with your prospective customers to convince them of your products & services. An essential part of the marketing mix whether business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumer (B2C), we create the most satisfying events for our customers and their customers.

Marketing & Public Relations

Marketing is the function between business and sales. It is the sales driver that sustains business. The business strategy of our clients determines the direction of our marketing plan, and therefore, the first step we take is always to meet our clients for a management review. We offer through-the-line (T-T-L) marketing solutions & public relations, including press kits, press release & media liaison.