As part of Fanatique's social responsibility programme in the community, we are providing a group of able-bodied and experienced cleaning specialists with opportunities to be redeployed part-time and earn a fair wage above market rate.

Just like fish don’t thrive in a dirty tank, a healthy workplace is essential to the physical wellbeing and mental clarity of the staff of any organization that understands labour productivity and values employee welfare. There is a direct correlation between this and your business performance. Maintain a workplace that scores high on cleanliness.

Our team of trained cleaning specialists are equipped with the right tools and products to:

    • Provide thorough cleaning to prevent insect & pest infestations.
    • Sanitise shared spaces where there are high touch points to prevent the spread of viruses, germs & bacteria.
    • Disinfect the lavatory to keep it hygienic.
    • Vacuum carpets, flooring to reduce fine particles, dust & dust mites for a more conducive work environment, especially for those with sinus, asthma, eczema & other conditions triggered by airborne allergens.
    • Enhance the aesthetic quality of your office & improve your company image.

    Your premises will be given the right care using eco-friendly cleaning products. Contact us and customise a suitable cleaning programme that meets your organisational requirements. Residential home cleaning is available on request, subject to availability.

    • Pre / Post moving cleaning
    • Post-renovation cleaning
    • Spring cleaning
    • Weekly / Bi-monthly / Monthly Cleaning

Reservation of cleaning session must be made at least 3 weeks prior to date of cleaning session.

Click on images below to download our electronic mailer for Office Cleaning & Residential Home Cleaning services.