Innovating green marketing is at the heart of our core belief that the social and economic benefits of implementing green practices outweigh the cost of doing so. Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) factors are applied increasingly in the analysis of material risks and growth opportunities that contribute to the financial performance of businesses.

Business objectives are the foremost consideration in the implementation of any viable long-term sustainable marketing strategy. Spearheading a ‘go-green’ initiative requires an internal audit and careful planning, so that its implementation can actually generate cost-savings in the long-run.

Supporting your sales and marketing functions in communications design, packaging design, customer service, product training, branding and public relations, we provide a seamless integration with minimal disruption to your business operations while propelling your green initiatives forward. 

As a partner to businesses in green technology, we support and assist in the business development, marketing and promotion of their products and services to government bodies and agencies, corporations, small and medium enterprises, and their target consumer markets; B2G, B2B and B2C, from pre-launch to pre-sales.


Our broad 3 'E's strategy:

    • engage businesses in a review of the impact of their business practices on the environment, 
    • effectuate eco-friendly processes that can be implemented in the operational workflow, and
    • educate consumers about how they can support a sustainable eco-system by using products and services that are 'green' by design. 

There is simply no substitute for Earth. Keep sustainable practices as a cornerstone of your business ethos. Minimising non-recyclable waste, reducing carbon footprint and utilising renewable resources are actions pertinent in slowing and reversing climate change. Adapting organisational behaviour and adopting 'green' technologies wherever possible to achieve a sustainable eco-friendly environment is a corporate social responsibility. We’re all in this together.